チームの全容があきらかに、第5期Demo Dayを行いました!

代官山と鎌倉にCo-working /インキュベーションセンター「Open Network Space」を開設しました!

【福岡・東京・京都・大阪で開催!】スタートアップ加速!起業を効率化する シードアクセラレーターの全容とは

『THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE 2012 TOKYO』の併催イベントを Open Network Lab”新施設”で開きます!

グローバル起業家育成プログラム第 6 期募集を開始!プログラムの特徴を可視化したインフォグラフィックを公開

Open Network Lab、起業家育成プログラム第5期参加チームを決定

Seed Accelerator第4期 ドリパスが世界初の「映画館オンデマンド機能」を開発し 6/13(水)より全面リニューアルオープン

Specialists from Silicon Valley, Including LinkedIn’s Principal Data Scientist, Coming to Tokyo to Talk about [DATA]


Tokyo-based seed-stage investment
program, Open Network Lab, will be holding the Onlab [DATA] Conference in
Tokyo, Japan on June 22. The full-day conference will focus on practices and
case studies on data utilization to understand customers, and to make informed
business/product decisions. Silicon Valley leaders in the area of data and
analytics will be joining the conference. The speakers include Pete Skomoroch
(LinkedIn’s Principal Data Scientist), Hiten Shah (Kissmetrics’ Founder &
CEO), Pete Koomen (Optimizely Co-founder & President), Ray Griselhuber
(Ginzametrics Co-founder & CEO), Taylor Wakefield (Mailgun Co-founder), and
Chris Palmieri (AQ Co-founder & Managing Director)


Tickets are sold online at the link


Speaker Profiles

Peter Skomoroch (LinkedIn
Principal Data Scientist)

Topic: Practical
Problem Solving with Data

Peter Skomoroch is a Principal
Research Scientist at LinkedIn, focusing on building data driven products. He
is also the founder of Data Wrangling, which offers consulting services for
data mining and predictive analytics. Previously, he was the Director of Advanced
Analytics at Juice Analytics, Sr. Research Engineer at AOL Search, and a
researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Skomoroch received a B.A., Mathematics
& B.S. Physics, from Brandeis University in 2000.


Hiten Shah  (Kissmetrics – Founder & CEO)

Topic: Analytics

Hiten started on the Internet by
founding a Internet marketing consultancy, ACS. He then went on to create Crazy
Egg, an analytics tool that visualizes the user experience on a website. Now
with KISSmetrics he is building a data driven solution to help online
businesses make better business decisions. Hiten is passionate about helping
other entrepreneurs and startup people.


Pete Koomen  (Optimizely – Co-founder & President)

Topic: A/B

Prior to co-founding Optimizely,
Pete worked for Google where he was Product Manager for Google App Engine.
While there, Pete helped launch and grow the App Engine platform to more than
150,000 developers in its first year. Before that, Pete earned an M.S. in
Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and dual
B.S.’s in Mathematics and Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University.


Ray Griselhuber  (Ginzametrics – Co-founder & CEO)

Topic: Search
Engine Optimization

Ray Grieselhuber is the founder of
Ginzamarkets, and creator of Ginzametrics. Ray has built marketing and
advertising systems for the last six years, helping clients such as P&G,
Intel, Rakuten and scale their online campaigns to global
markets, cut costs and increase sales.


Before founding Ginzametrics, he
ran Firewatching Media, K.K., in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, he was the Chief
Architect and Director of Product Development at Covario, Inc. in San Diego,
CA., an award-winning Inc. 500 company.


Chris Palmieri  (AQ – Co-founder & Managing Director)

Topic: Design

Chris Palmieri is managing director
at AQ, a Tokyo-based design 
studio, where he helps local
cultural organizations, global brands and 
hungry startups create websites and
apps that work. 
Chris moved to Tokyo in 2001 to
begin his design practice after 
studying graphic design and
Japanese language and aesthetics at the 
University of Illinois.


Taylor Wakefield  (Mailgun – Co-founder)

Topic: Email

Taylor co-founded Mailgun to ease
the pain developers experience when dealing with email at scale. He heads all
non-engineering efforts at Mailgun, including email deliverability, support,
business development, marketing and sales. Prior to Mailgun, he co-founded a
business analytics consulting company called Profista.  Prior to that he was a Managing Director in
Bear Stearns’ credit derivatives group, creating financial weapons of mass



About Onlab [DATA] Conference


Daikanyama DG Bldg. 9th
Floor, 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022, Japan

Event Website

(Tickets are sold here)

Price: ¥20,000
(Pre-Paid with reception) / ¥15,000 (Pre-Paid without reception)




Tickets are sold online at the link below:



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