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Resi-Tech 3rd Batch〜Technology for Better Life〜

3rd Batch Program Overview

3rd Batch Summary

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech (Onlab Resi-Tech) is a global accelerator program designed for real estate-related startups that bring major Japanese real estate and construction companies together to work across corporate boundaries to create new values essential in the coming era. In November 2021, as our 3rd batch, we have newly added ESG and SDGs as a theme in addition to previous themes such as services that improve the quality of people’s lives, safe and secure living, the use of advanced technology, and the use of DX and data in the real estate business. Digital Garage Group’s global network was utilized to discover and recruit promising start-ups from around the world. The program was carried out by making the full advantages online, enabling communication between domestic and overseas startups to overcome time and distance constraints. We collaborated with startups with the goals of “support from technology verification to service development,” “support for Japanese localization and market introduction support to our partner companies,” and “co-creation of new services with our partner companies.”


Applications from 120 Startups from over 30 Countries

We have received applications from domestic and international startups with business ideas related to products that address topics such as gender gap imbalance, create safe and secure cities, develop environmentally friendly materials, and realize a decarbonized society.

Co-creation mechanism focused on concrete results

Partner companies invite new business development managers and on-site personnel according to the contents to co-create with startups. To maximize results in a short period of time, various initiatives have been implemented to realize the startups’ ideas, including regular online meetings, hearings on issues faced by real estate/construction sites, and analysis of issues for implementation in housing, commercial facilities, offices, hotels, and other facilities in which partner companies are involved. Digital Garage Group also provides multifaceted support by leveraging the resources and knowledge gained from startup supporting experience.

Consortium-style program for great growth

Onlab Resi-Tech is Japan’s first consortium-type program in which major companies in the real estate and construction industries gather to co-create with startups. By being able to conduct demonstration experiments (PoC) with multiple companies and sites at the same time, startups can not only receive multifaceted feedback, but are also able to take a giant step forward in not only implementation and adoption, but also in the expansion of their business into Japan from overseas. While general open innovation programs are mostly about matching companies with each other, Onlab Resi-Tech continues to support the co-creation of startups and sponsor partners, including hands-on support from Digital Garage for PoCs.


Domestic and Overseas Companies to Implement Collaborative Projects with Our Partner Companies


Forming a Consortium of Industry-leading Partner Companies


  • コスモスイニシア
  • 東急グループ
  • 東京建物
  • JR西日本
  • 野村不動産ホールディングス
  • 阪急阪神不動産
  • 三井不動産
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