Verification of quality and UX of indoor 3D interior simulation for real estate sales


Company Name Color & Decor Inc.
Headquaters JAPAN


Color and Decor was established in 2019 to improve the efficiency of transactions and considerations and customer experience through the virtual experience inside the real estate room. Property search in Japan only displays brief summary information where more than 90% of the users who consider purchasing or renting real estate use the internet. Real estate DX tools developed by Color and Decor utilizes 3DCG/VR technology and aim to realize a property search where users can imagine how they will actually live and can choose from the way of living.

The key feature of Color & Decor is the ability to use actual products, including more than 50,000 interior design items, building materials such as floors and walls, and kitchens in a virtual space, Furniture sizes, lighting positions, and electrical outlet positions are also accurately positioned, so it is possible to virtually communicate floor plan patterns and interior design changes with a rich image while having the users check actual model room.


The application was evaluated for its operability and UX for use in sales and other business activities, and for quality comparison with actual rooms and model rooms, using floor plan data and BIM data from the actual condominiums the partner company sells.

  • Accuracy of 3D view converted from floor plans and BIM data
  • The application’s operation, operability, and realism, such as 360-degree walkthroughs.
  • Interior (fabric and color) material’s touch and operability of change/selection.


Previews are provided to partner companies, and development is underway for the full release.

Future Development and Direction

Based on PoC results, additional functions will be added and updated towards full release in August.
Development of tools that enable consumers to create their own unique homes awaits, not only by simulating the purchase process, but also by simulating post-purchase and pre-completion period interior selection, interior arrangement, post-move-in decoration, remodeling, and floor plan changes.

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