For Startups Looking to Succeed on the Global Stage…

An intensive, three month Seed Accelerator Program led by experts across multiple disciplines

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Open Network Lab

Through our Seed Accelerator Program, a three month, intensive incubation course rooted in cutting edge insights straight from Silicon Valley, Open Network Lab gives entrepreneurs the tools to enhance the value of their startup.

What’s Open Network Lab?

Seed Accelerator Program

For highly skilled, ambitious entrepreneurs looking to change the world, we fund the costs needed to get your idea off the ground. To help develop and polish your service, a group of mentors versed in the latest in Silicon Valley business and technology insights provide deep support and advice over the three month course period.

  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Community

6 Ways to Accelerate Your Startup

Gain Product Insights Based on Customer Feedback

Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), deploy it, and find and refine the features that users really wanted based on customer feedback. Our mentors help structure user feedback sessions and teach you the best way to gain insights from your customers.

Learn How to Effectively Manage Your Product Development Cycle

Based on the principles of the Lean Startup, learn how to take insights gained from customers and reflect into your next product build immediately. Our mentors teach you how to implement the proper framework to achieve a lean development cycle.

Continuously Improve Your Product and Business Based on the Data

Set and track the right KPIs to help guide product refinement. Our mentors use their experience to help you understand what data to focus on.

Demonstrate the Value of Your New Product at Demo Day

Use this opportunity to fund your vision for the future. Let investors know the value of your business through a professional presentation. Our mentors will teach you effective presentation skills.

Previous Open Network Lab Graduates

Here are just a few Seed Accelerator Program graduates who continue to shine at home and abroad.


The first Japanese graduate of Y Combinator
Member of the 3rd Batch Seed Accelerator Program



Acquired by Yahoo! Japan
Member of the 4th Batch Seed Accelerator Program



Acquired by Rakuten, inc.
Member of the 4th Batch Seed Accelerator Program