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About onlab web3

onlab web3 is a startup incubation initiative dedicated to supporting startups in Japan and around the globe with aspirations to enter the Japanese market. The initiative harnesses the expertise and network of Digital Garage Group, a leading Japanese digital marketing and fintech company established in 1995 and a pioneer in blockchain research and development, investment, and business development in Japan. Additionally, onlab web3 leverages the capabilities of Open Network Lab, an accelerator program that has successfully launched over 150 startups since 2010.

Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, blockchain technology and its supporting infrastructure have witnessed remarkable and widespread adoption across the globe, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Digital Garage is committed to utilizing these emerging global internet layers and their underlying technical foundations to contribute to the development of groundbreaking use cases that will shape the future.

DG Group Capabilities in web3/Crypto

Since 2015, Digital Garage has been at the forefront of startup investments, R&D initiatives, and community building centered on Bitcoin and its surrounding infrastructure. In 2018, we established Crypto Garage Inc., a strategic subsidiary dedicated to the crypto finance sector, and secured a license for the crypto asset exchange business in Japan. Additionally, we have formed a new research organization to nurture the growth of the web3 market and have assisted large Japanese enterprises and brands in entering the web3 market, by helping them explore the integration of NFTs and provide the necessary infrastructure for their new business operations. By leveraging our expertise in international networking, regulatory compliance, and technology development, combined with Digital Garage’s existing business assets in the top-tier fintech, digital marketing, and startup investment domains in Japan, we provide comprehensive support to our clients.

  • Global Investment

    Global Investment

    Invested in over 400 startups globally from Tokyo and San Francisco Headquarters.

  • Crypto Exchange License

    Holding Crypto Exchange License in Japan

    Providing crypto asset custody and trading services for enterprises.

  • Regulatory Knowledge

    Regulatory Knowledge

    We have an in-house team of professionals with knowledge of domestic and international digital asset management and compliance policy.

  • Business Assets

    Business Assets

    Leading businesses in Japan in the fields of payments, digital marketing, and internet media, with the largest assets in each field.

  • Technology/ Academia

    Technology/ Academia

    Continued R&D, including training blockchain developers and contributing to open source development such as DLC and BTC Pay.

  •  Ecosystem Development Blockchain

    Ecosystem Development

    Supporting developer and entrepreneur communities in Tokyo and San Francisco since the early days of blockchain technology such as Bitcoin Scaling, ETH Global, Bright Moment etc…

Our contribution to the ecosystem

Our Track Record From Investment to R&D and Community Building


Case Studies & Report by Digital Garage Group

Where you can find us

Our Office and Community Space

Digital Garage’s headquarters are located in Shibuya and San Francisco, where we actively explore new startups and stay abreast of the latest technology trends and their adoption. In both our Shibuya and San Francisco offices, we have event spaces capable of accommodating up to 1,000 people. Additionally, in Ebisu, we operate the “Crypto Cafe & Bar”, a casual space for coworking and meet-ups. Here, we facilitate connections between the domestic and international web3 communities, supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

Shibuya PARCO DG Building

A coworking space available for onlab supported companies and an event space to accomodate several hundred people.

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Crypto Cafe & Bar

A membership-based community/coworking space specialized for web3.

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DG717 San Francisco

A coworking and event space tailored for startups located in San Francisco city.

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Contact for Collaboration and Fundraising

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