Verification of water saving effectiveness and business feasibility of
Fluidlytix WAVE Valve Technology in Japan


Company Name Fluidlytix (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Headquaters SINGAPORE


Fluidlytix (Asia) was formed by people with the passion for water conservation. Currently, The United Nations warns that more than 2.7 billion people will not have adequate safe drinking water by the year 2O25 if we continue to consume water at today’s rates. As of now, only 1% of the Earth’s water is suitable for drinking and this is increasingly at risk from pollution. The rest is undrinkable salt water (97%) and glacier ice (2%). Amplifying the problem, as the water crisis increases, the price of water continues to increase year over year. To compound the problem further, today’s businesses are overpaying for water services because the utility meters measure air and water instead of only water.

As such, Fluidlytix has created a new product (Fluidlytix WAVE Valve Technology) through the use of a specially designed valve that compresses accumulated air in the water line and reduces water usage.

With the use of Fluidlytix WAVE Valve Technology, we are able to;

  1. reduce water usage and save water usage costs
  2. regulating the pressure to provide sufficient comfortable water pressure to ensure consumer experience


Project Overview

In collaboration with sponsoring partners, we have been promoting the verification of the water saving effect and business feasibility of Fluidlytix WAVE Valve Technology in Japan.


To increase the efficiency of water usage and at the same time, lowering the overall water cost for Japanese Consumers (Mainly B2B).


Fluidlytix explained the mechanism of Wave Valve Technology, its case studies and data showing its effectiveness to the sponsoring partners. Each partner has selected several facilities after considering the feasibility of introducing Wave Valve Technology to their real estate assets.
In addition, Fluidlytix, with the cooperation of waterworks-related companies introduced by a partner and Resi-tech team, has conducted surveys and proceeded procedures to ensure that safety standards and workflows, stipulated by laws, are followed before entering the Japanese market.


Currently, Fluidlytix and a partner are studying the possibility of installing the Wave Valve at a hot-spring Spa facility for the first trial. As soon as the installation is ready, we will measure the water consumption and charges for three months after the installation of Wave Valve, and compare them with the past year’s data of the same facility to verify the effectiveness of the Wave Valve installation.

Future Development and Direction

After demonstrating the feasibility of Fluidlytix WAVE Valve Technology for the Japanese market through the success of the trial, Fluidlytix will establish a team in Japan to work with Japanese companies to fully enter the Japanese market. As a Singaporean company, the team from Fluidlytix believes that working with a Japanese team allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese market. This will allow them to build services and business models that is suitable for the Japanese market.

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