Verification of demand and challenge around shared emergency preparedness stockpiles for real estate and surrounding community and its agency business


Company Name Laspy Co., Ltd
Headquaters JAPAN


Laspy offers a subscription-based emergency preparedness stockpile service called “Anshin Stock”. In this service, Laspy manages disaster preparedness stockpiles on behalf of tenants of apartment complexes and offices, as well as residents of the surrounding area.
This service, which allows tenants to outsource the maintenance and management of a shared emergency preparedness stockpile warehouse and its stockpiles, reduces anxiety and risk in the event of a disaster, while also contributing to the effective utilization of dead and idle space in urban areas.


The current status of emergency preparedness stockpiling for real estate assets owned or operated by the sponsor companies was identified, and the demand and potential for substitute business were evaluated by region and type of real estate. Three specific themes with demand and potential were selected and surveys and studies toward their introduction were conducted.

  • Introduction from the design and construction stage of new condominiums
  • Introduction to existing housing complexes and their surrounding communities
  • Use of other idle space (conversion to stockpiling under elevated railroad tracks, etc.)


For each theme, we are able to identify specific properties, local demands, and issues for implementation, and after organizing the details of the service plan, we are preparing proposals to residents and formulating implementation plans.

Future Development and Direction

Business development planning will continue with the companies conducting PoC. The goal is to have all real estate assets such as housing, office building, and commercial building equipped with emergency preparedness stockpiling services through these projects.

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