Verification of demand for sanitary napkin distribution in private restrooms and utilization of restroom usage data


Company Name OiTr, Inc.
Headquaters JAPAN


OiTr (OI-TEL) is a service that provides sanitary napkins free of charge in private restrooms in commercial facilities, offices, schools, and public facilities.
This service was born out of a desire to alleviate as much as possible the various burdens menstruating women are forced to endure. This service is promoted with the aim of contributing to the correction of imbalances such as economic disparities and gender gaps.


PoC Overview

PoC was conducted at commercial facilities, offices, and lodging facilities which is new to OiTr services.

Verification items
  • Measurement of the number of sanitary napkins distributed
  • Measurement of restroom usage and utilization of the data
  • Burden on facilities (cleaning, etc.)
PoC Process
  1. preliminary interviews with facilities
  2. installation of OiTr device
  3. provision/use of OiTr service and its measurement
  4. Interviews with facilities and users


The OiTr service has been in great demand, including from lodging facilities and other types of businesses with no experience of OiTr services before.

Future Development and Direction

The goal is to increase the number of OiTr introductions and create a society where receiving napkins is as common as receiving toilet papers in private restrooms, and where people can go out with peace of mind.
Though it was difficult in the past, utilizing toilet usage data is believed to solve a variety of issues, such as improving convenience for users and reducing the burden on facilities.

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