Investigating the possibility of creating a comfortable living environment with glass coatings


Company Name HardoLass Holdings Co., Ltd.
Headquaters JAPAN


Company Introduction

Founded in 2000, Hadras Holdings Co., Ltd. is a company focused on research and development of glass coating agents. The company has developed its high-purity, ultra-thin glass film formation technology to the level of industrial application, and develops and proposes glass coating agents that not only protect coated objects from scratches and stains but also provide effects that meet the needs of the industry. In recent years, in response to the growing demand for glass coating agents with antiviral and antibacterial effects, they have been supplying products to a wide range of industries, including sports, smartphones, precision equipment, and mobility.

Product Introduction

HadoLass Holdings Co.’s glass coating agent “HardoLass” has the characteristics listed below;

  • High-purity inorganic glass film successfully suppresses degradation caused by heat and ultraviolet rays, which is better than conventional glass coating agents that contain organic substances.
  • Since it forms an ultra-thin glass film, it hardly changes the appearance of the applied object, and flexibly bends without cracking, making it possible to apply to leather shoes for example.
  • Additional development is possible to grant glass coating agents with customized effects, such as water repellency, anti-lacquer, anti-virus, and anti-bacterial effects, etc., according to customer needs.


HardoLass and partners discussed needs and expectations towards applying hard glass coating agents to common areas and residential areas of the rental housing complexes managed and operated by each company, from the perspective of providing a comfortable environment for residents, improving maintenance efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs.
Two promising applications were selected, and verification is planned with the cooperation of sponsor companies at their own experimental facilities.

  • Inhibit problematic red mold (rhodotorula / pink smear), black mold (cladosporium), and water stains in bathrooms
  • Improving cleaning efficiency and preventing adhesion of oil stains in kitchens, range hood, and concrete floor of waste oil storage area.


Pilot planned on July 2022

Future Development and Direction

Based on verification results, HardoLass will optimize the composition of glass coating agent and commercialize the product for use in environments around water and kitchens, where its potential was pointed out but no opportunity to enter the market due to a lack of data.

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