9lione is a cloud-based medical supply management service for medical institutions such as pharmacies. It takes prescription data, and uses it to automatically manage inventory, generate optimal order proposals, and reduce waste of medicine that would otherwise be discarded.
(9lione Inc.)KibunLog is a mental health app that helps users cope with mental illnesses such as depression. By engaging in proven psychotherapeutic activities, and tracking everyday emotional patterns, KibunLog helps users achieve a higher level of self-understanding and well-being.
(kimamani Inc.)Giftpack is a global on-demand gifting service that enables the delivery of personalized gifts, in as little as several hours. The service is currently being used primarily in San Francisco and Taiwan.
(Giftpack, Inc.)EveryPlus is a matching service for elderly care facilities and recreational service providers. The service improves the satisfaction of facility users, as well as reduce the workload of the care facilities.
(everyplus Co., Ltd.)Signature is a marketplace app that connects craft beer breweries with enthusiasts around the world. Its service eliminates the common roadblocks that breweries face when expanding overseas, such as the onerous process of obtaining sales licenses and forming difficult contracts.
(Signature Inc.)Mediction is a medical tourism service for foreign patients who visit Japan for the purpose of receiving medical care. Services such as translation of medical records, introduction of hospitals, and generation of examination results are provided under the supervision of a doctor for a safe and secure medical experience.
(MEDICTION Co., Ltd)ReShape is an AI-driven image-editing service, which allows anyone to edit shake correction, or exposure correction just by one-click. By applying Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology, ReShape aims to provide higher quality images rather than ones corrected with professionals tools like Photoshop. (Navier, Inc.)ShareTable is a nursery teacher matching service, targeting working parents with elementary school children. ShareTable provides an afterschool class to study home economics centered on food at teachers’ home close to users’ home on weekdays, which enables parents to have safe and felxible option for their children to be looked after. (ShareTable, Inc.)LINK provides services related to home care, nursing home and care management, with a mission to raise quality of life for seniors. (LINK, Inc.)Dr. Fellow is a clinical case-sharing platform for medical doctors. It is important for doctors to learn from many clinical cases but the conventional methods are inefficient. By creating a non-anonymous doctor community on their app, Dr. Fellow enables clinical case-sharing among doctors in the open for a wider range of medical fields. (Dr.Fellow,Inc.)