Open Network Lab FUKUOKA 2nd Batch – Applications Closed.

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Designing our New Normal

The New Normal is expected to bring changes to how we organize cities, as we move from a world where people gathered in close proximity—to a one that is more distanced. Open Network Lab FUKUOKA is a program that facilitates business co-creation between international startups, and Japanese corporations to design innovative solutions for the New Normal. Open Network Lab FUKUOKA, is co-sponsored by Digital Garage, Fukuoka D.C. and Fukuoka Growth Next, and other incumbents in Fukuoka and the rest of Japan.

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Opportunities for business creation in the New Normal with Digital Garage and partner companies from various industries.


Providing financing opportunities for program participants.
*Funding is not guaranteed


Access to a support system that utilizes DG’s Internet business, expertise supporting startups, and vast network in Japan and overseas.


Providing support for various PoC implementation and opportunities for network construction that will trigger domestic expansion in Fukuoka.
*We may suggest other cities (such as Tokyo), depending on the resources of Fukuoka city and partner companies.


With the help of Fukuoka Growth Next, located at the heart of the city, Fukuoka is well equipped to support startups looking to expand—with various initiatives to support startups and plenty of partner resources for PoCs.


Priority themes for Open Network Lab FUKUOKA 2nd Batch

At Open Network Lab FUKUOKA, we aim to create the necessary societal change for the New Normal, including the utilization of technologies such as 5G, xR, and digital twins. Through, collaboration with cutting edge startups, we aim to co-create a better city and quality of life for city residents.


What makes a rich life possible beyond public health

  • Smart life
  • Space that contributes to health – health promotion
  • Smart home
  • Dynamic pricing for dining and accommodation
  • New dining experience
  • Retail Tech – contactless, advance reservation payment, etc.
  • Preventing infectious diseases at home
  • A community that enriches real life


Flexible and creative way of working

  • New communication method
  • Office space in New Normal
  • IoT furniture – smart furniture


What meets changing mobility needs

  • Smart mobility
  • Solutions for the movement of services and goods
  • Maas, Mobility sharing
  • Utilization of human flow analysis and person trip
  • Movement due to service on the facility side
  • Drone move
  • Safe and secure movement
  • Prevention of accidents, illnesses and injuries
  • Transportation to avoid 3Cs
  • Last-mile for the elderly and people with disabilities

Media Communication

What provides a rich experience through the media

  • Digital media platform
  • Digital media contents
  • Urban / suburban entertainment
  • OMO – online merges with offline


Technology to change the traditional image of banks

  • Elderly-friendly finance – financial gerontology
  • Financial Inclusion – Services that broaden the base of finance
  • Subscription business that supports corporate business
  • OMO for local businesses and economies
  • Support service to build digital marketing infrastructure for local companies
Technology that can transform the conventional image of banks, not limited to the above

Smart City

Optimized and sustainable city

  • Intercity cooperation utilizing 5G
  • Carbon management
  • A solution that creates a safe 3Cs
  • Smart infrastructure-telephone poles, street lights, energy off-grids, etc.)
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Digital transformation of building management


What improves the productivity and value of the construction

  • Digital transformation of construction ans design process
  • Automation of procurement process
  • Non-face-to-face communication / telework
  • Construction robot
  • Zero emissions
  • Health and risk management at construction sites
  • Design and construction that end users can also participate in
  • Reduction of life cycle cost
  • BIM cooperation (3D space + time + estimate + energy + safety)

Healthcare / Education

What promotes DX in education and healthcare

  • Digital transformation for campus
  • Digital transformation for lecture
  • Healthcare solutions in New Normal- Health management of employees during telework, etc.

*The above is an example. Other ideas to collaborate with partner companies are welcome.


A program that aims to create businesses in New Normal in collaboration with partner companies

During the program period, we will verify the business idea that combines the service/products you applied for and the resources of our partner, and verify the hypothesis through PoC, aiming for joint commercialization, business alliance, investment, etc.



Experienced professionals in open innovation management will work closely with participating teams to support open innovation management, hypothesis validation, product brush-ups, and pitch practice.



Through the program, we will provide connections with startups that challenge at the same stage and partner companies including ones in Fukuoka.



This program supports the business by forming a business ecosystem with large enterprises, which is difficult for startups to reach. In addition, we will cooperate in various aspects such as PoC and business alliances to create businesses.



Many partner companies are cooperating to provide an environment where startups can speed up their business. We offer various benefits such as infrastructure, back office, analysis and recruiting tools.



Funding for participating startups will be considered in certain cases.
*Funding is not guaranteed. It will only be provided in cases with agreement from both parties.



Participating teams will be provided with a free coworking space at Fukuoka Growth Next, the Fukuoka City startup support facility, to concentrate on the program.
*Office facilities may not be provided due to social conditions such as the epidemic of COVID-19 and natural disasters.


*Schedules may change due to social conditions such as the epidemic of COVID-19 and natural disasters.




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Cosponsors Message

Fukuoka D.C.

Director General

Shuhei Ishimaru

FDC has formulated a new regional strategy this year. The new strategy aims to create innovation and accelerate regional growth by achieving diversity. In order to achieve diversity, it is necessary for a variety of players, including startups, to participate and form an ecosystem together with local companies. Through this program, by creating business solutions for the New Normal together with the startups, companies and businesses that will lead the growth strategy of the region would be born, and regional transformation would progress. Then, we hope we can disseminate social images of beyond COVID-19 from Fukuoka to the world.

Fukuoka Growth Next

Director General

Yuichiro Uchida

Fukuoka Growth Next is a public-private cooperative facility that contributes to the creation of employment and the development of the local economy in Fukuoka City, and supports the second establishment of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises with the goal of creating unicorn companies in the future. The facility has been holding a Digital Garage program since 2019.
For startups, we think it is a very meaningful program that leads to “creating new value” and “challenge to the global market.” We will continue to collaborate with Digital Garage to become a representative incubation facility in Asia.

Global Incubation Stream

We will make the best use of the global network that Digital Garage has built so far to discover and incubate startups that can compete on the global stage from Fukuoka.

Main Office

Fukuoka Growth Next is a public-private joint facility in Fukuoka City that supports startups with ideas to create a prosperous future.
We aim to develop the world into something more hopeful and promising by exchanging various ideas and implement it in an environment specializing in founding support.

※photo by ikunori yamamoto

Open Network Lab FUKUOKA Room / Coworking space – hot desking / Conference room / Locker
*Office facilities may not be provided due to social conditions such as the epidemic of COVID-19 and natural disasters.


Would you like to challenge Open Network Lab FUKUOKA?

Program Open Network Lab FUKUOKA 2nd Batch
Deadline 2020/12/4
Participation Requirements
  • The applicant (the “Applicant”) should be a corporation.
  • If research results, patents or other intellectual property rights (the “IPs”) are to be used in the business of the Applicant, the Applicant shall have the rights to use the IPs in its business and shall not infringe the rights of any third party by such use of the IPs.
  • The Applicant of the Open Network Lab FUKUOKA (shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) shall have skills to plan the co-creation with sponsors of the program during the period of the program which is approximately three (3) months and to demonstrate the results of such co-creation.
  • If the Applicant has received investment by third party(ies), the Applicant shall have obtained prior consent from such investor(s) to the Applicant’s participation in the Program.
  • The Applicant’s business shall not violate public policy.
  • The Applicant, or any of its directors, officers, employees or stakeholders shall not be a part of anti-social forces, and shall not have any relationship with anti-social forces.
  • The Applicant whose foreign national and are staying in Japan, shall have the legal rights to stay in Japan for the period of the program.
  • The Applicant who is minor shall have the consent of his/her guardian.
Terms of Participation
  • During the period of the Program (the “Program Period”), the Applicant shall attend events including online relating to the Program held by Digital Garage, Inc. (“Digital Garage”).
  • The Applicant shall agree that its activities may be posted on the websites or other media designated by Digital Garage Group in addition to the official website of Open Network Lab.
  • During the program period, the Applicant shall concentrate on the business he/she applied for.
  • The Applicant shall appoint the project manager (the “PM”) for participating the Program. During the Program Period, the Applicant shall ensure that the PM shall concentrate on the business that they have undertaken to conduct in the application for the Program.
  • The Applicant shall submit additional documents for screening or investing by Digital Garage and/or Digital Garage Group, if requested by Digital Garage and/or Digital Garage Group.
  • When Digital Garage Group would like to invest in the Applicant, the Applicant shall agree to have a discussion with Digital Garage Group.
  • During the Program Period, if the Applicant are considering a business alliance with or receive investments from a third party, the information shall be shared in advance with Digital Garage to enable appropriate support under the Program.
  • In addition, the Applicant shall comply with other obligations including those regarding the application procedures. Furthermore, the Applicant shall agree to the terms and conditions of participation to be separately designated by Digital Garage.
Application Steps
  1. Apply via entry form
  2. Review submitted documents: Application is evaluated based on product (idea), market and team
  3. Matchmaking interview: Presentation is conducted to the enterprise partners.
  4. Program starts: The Program starts after matching with the enterprise partners.


Application-Related Questions

I am a minor or a student; can I still apply?
Yes, however you need to establish your own company. Also, in the case of minors, we require parental or legal guardian consent.
Are teams with multiple services eligible to apply for the program?
Yes, however due to the limited time we can provide for each team during the interview process, it will be necessary to talk about each service within a fixed amount of time. Therefore, the time to promote and appeal each service will be shortened.
Can I submit application documents in English?
Please submit applications either in English or Japanese.
I don’t speak Japanese; can I still apply?
You may apply as long as you speak English.
I don’t speak English; can I still apply?
No worries! Open Network Lab staff will translate if necessary.
Is it possible to apply for the same business idea multiple times during the period?
Yes, you can apply multiple times during the period.
I have applied for the program before. Is it possible to apply again this time?
Yes, you can.
Is it possible to apply even if I receive investment from another company?
Yes, but you must have the consent of the investor.
Are there any restrictions on participation due to funding situation?
We welcome all companies, whether or not they have raised money.
Are there any stage restrictions on the startups eligible for the program?
No. If you have a proposal that fits the theme, we look forward to your application regardless of stage.

About the Interview Process

Is there a language designation for the interview?
Interviews are available in Japanese and English.
Is it required for all team members to be present during the interview?
No, any number of team members may participate provided that they are able to describe the service and answer any questions that may be asked.
Can we receive feedback on the application results?
Due to the large quantity of applications, we do not give out feedback on application results.
How will the interview be conducted?
Interviews will generally be conducted online.

About Program

Do I need to stay in Fukuoka during the program?
Not necessary, if you can participate online.
What is the fee to join the program?
The program is free of cost. However, the cost of PoC to be implement in the program will need to be discussed.
Is it mandatory to undertake investment to participate in the program?
No, it is not mandatory. We may make an investment in the case when agreement is obtained based on the wishes of our company or a group company and you.
Can I definitely implement PoC if I am accepted to the program?
We will support for the implementation of PoC by adjusting the assets of us and partner companies, but it may not be possible if there is no consensus.

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