Open Network Lab Open Innovation 1st Batch
/ FUKUOKA 4th Batch

Program Overview

Program Summary

Open Network Lab has been aiming to realize new value creation through co-creation with existing industries by utilizing its experience and knowledge in social implementation of startup technologies. In this program, we received applications from over 300 startups from Japan and abroad, and together with key players from various industries, we worked on social implementation in a wide range of areas including “real estate,” “urban development/smart cities,” “ESG,” and “retail.”


Over 300 startups from more than 50 countries applied

Many business ideas were received in a wide range of areas, including ESG, web3,
regional development, and retail, with a focus on smart cities and real estate.
At the final debriefing session, presentations were made on 14 projects.


13 Japanese startups and 1 overseas startup were accepted to the program


Open Network Lab Open Innovation


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