Seed Accelerator Program

3 month intensive program to accelerated startup growth

17th Seed Accelerator Program Entry

We’re a great match for these kinds of startups!

Do you want more business expertise? Want to challenge yourself on a global scale?
Do you have issues increasing users? Do you want to grow your revenue?
Have you had issues with fundraising?

If you carry any of these goals or worries,
the Open Network Lab (Onlab) program can help you build fundamental skills to grow your service.


What is Onlab’s Seed Accelerator Program?

We operate an intensive 3 month program to help you focus on building your business.

There are two things we want you to focus on,
talking to users and building your product.

Build bonds of friendships and rivalry with fellow participants.
Competition and friendship will further accelerate your growth.

Facing your users and your product,
That is the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program.

Program Schedule

The Onlab program lasts three months, with a schedule like below.
※Schedule may be subject to change.

  1. 1st Month
    Product Market Fit

    You will verify the pertinent problem and solution based on user interviews. Once you identify there is a need, you will create the simplest version of your product/service (MVP).

  2. 2nd Month
    Product Iteration / User Acquisition

    Learn management skills for efficient development while using data to iterate your business and product.

  3. Last Month
    Product Iteration / Pitch Practice

    Prepare your pitch specifically for investors that we invite for Demo Day.

What We Offers

By participating in our program, you can have access to the following:

  • Funding

    We offer funding for the 3 month program period. Based on the service’s traction and situation we can offer up until 10 million JPY.

  • Incubation Space

    Participants can use our Daikanyama and Kamakura office space free for one year, and receive discounted prices for our San Francisco office.

  • Community

    You have access to over 85 companies that graduated from our program. Throughout the program you will have many opportunities to seek advice and ask questions to past graduates.

  • Mentoring

    Specialists from around the globe will spend time to give you advice. We bring experts that provide mentorship regarding problem/solution fit, growth, business models, and more.

Application Process

The application process will proceed as seen in the chart below after you apply via the entry form.
※We may ask for additional interviews between the 1st and final interview sessions.

  • Apply viathe entry form
  • Entry Form / Video Check
  • 1st Interview
  • Final Interview
  • Program Start

Application Summary

  • Application Deadline:
    • Noon on Monday, May 21st, 2018 JST
    • ※We recommend that you apply as soon as possible, as we will stop accepting applications if there are many applicants that make it to the 1st Interview.
  • Application Target:
    • People who want to actualize a service, product, or idea.
    • People who have high technical skills or promising business plans and ideas with a will and executional skills to develop a service.
  • Application Conditions:
    • We do not have a preferred nationality, age, or gender.
    • ※You must be able to legally stay in Japan during the program. ※If you are a minor, you must receive permission from your guardian.
    • Participant has the skills to create a prototype of the service and demonstrate it during the 3 month program.
    • Participant will attend any event or engage in any content provided during the program as much as possible.

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