Now accepting applications for the 17th Batch
Seed Accelerator Program

Deadline: 12pm May 21th, 2018 JST

The 17th Batch Program will kickoff in the first days of July, 2018.
Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.
We ask for your patience regarding application results.
We look forward to seeing your applications!

Company/Service Information

*1. Company Name

*2. Service Name

*3. Service URL

*4. Explain your service in one sentence.

*5. Who are your competitors, and what is your advantage over them?

*6. How far along are you with the service (if you've already launched please indicate your KPI/traction)?

*7. How are you going to to distribute your product or service. In other words, how are you going to reach your users in a scalable way.

*8. Please attach your slide deck (max 1MB)
(※Please change your file name to "servicename_yyyymmdd.pdf")

Download a template slide here.
Applications with presentations that are too long or too complex may be subject for removal from consideration.


Describe the individual members of your team. The following items must be listed for each team member: Name, role in the company, age, past work history, college, Facebook/LinkedIn URL.


*Please indicate skills, accomplishments, and your past work history

Member 1

Please indicate skills, accomplishments, and your past work history

Member 2

Please indicate skills, accomplishments, and your past work history

Member 3

Please indicate skills, accomplishments, and your past work history


*1. Have you received any fundings yet?
If so, please describe the details of the investment(s).

*2. Where is your residence located? (City, Country)

*Will you be in Tokyo during the duration of the program? (we do not count this against you, it is for informational purposes only)

*Where did you hear about the applications for the 17th Batch?

About the Application

  • Please fill in all the required information in a concise manner.
  • Please note that we cannot answer any inquiries regarding results of your applications and/or to confirm whether your applications have been received.
  • Please note that your applications take up to two weeks to be processed, your result will be delivered to you then.

Terms of Participation

  • A portion of your company's preferred shares will be allocated to Open Network Lab (If you are not a corporation, this will occur post-incorporation)
  • During the program, your team must actively participate in events hosted by Open Network Lab.
  • Your team must cooperate with any requests from Open Network Lab to post about your team's efforts on our website or at events.
  • During the program, if you are considering a business collaboration with or receipt of investments from a third party, you must first request approval from Open Network Lab.

Participation Requirements

  • Must have the skills to develop and demonstrate a prototype or full product during the three month Program period.
  • If you are already incorporated, the main business must be related to that for which the company applied to the Open Network Lab program. Other businesses must not be engaged in during the duration of the program.
  • You must have legal permission to reside in Japan during the Program period.
  • Must be able to follow other guidelines and requirements in relation to participation.
  • Team members and their respective families or related personnel have no involvement or relationship to any anti-social forces which include, but not limited to, organized crime groups and its members, or any person who is involved in or an advocate of similarly organized criminal activities.

Personal Information

Any personal information provided by you shall only be used during the screening process of this program, such as to make contact regarding the results of your acceptance.

By clicking submit you are agreeing to the Handling Personal Information as listed above.