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Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program hosted 8th batch Demo Day event at our Daikanyama DG Building on Wednesday 23rd, April 2014. It was a tough call for the judges, as selected five teams all had serious games. Now, let’s take a look at what each participant has been working on.

Shouldbee / Craftsman Software Co., Ltd

Manually testing software development requires considerably long man-hours, taking up to approximately 50% of total production cost. Shouldbee enables an automation for the ongoing development of web system process, thus allowing users to significantly decrease development costs as well as providing accuracy to final products.

オレンジマガジン / mylab Co., Ltd

A mobile content platform aimed for mature women, whose market in particular has been underserved in the media and information sources, compared to younger generations that are spoilt with choices of information. Orange Magazine provides older generation of women with contents within their areas of interests, such as movies, health and travel.

Jidoteki / Unscramble, Pty Ltd.

In the midst of increasing individual user counts of SaaS Service such as Dropbox and Evernote, many corporations have been reluctant to introduce the office uses of SaaS Service, as they are concerned with its security measures. Jidouteki helps package and sell your SaaS application as a virtual appliance. As it builds the appliance inside firewall, corporations can utilize SaaS service in house.

astero / astero Co., Ltd

astero offers a customized notification service that provides users relevant information, what they want, when they want. The more applications you download, the more information you receive. astero is a notification platform service, which helps users get to their preferred information in a simple and timely manner, within platforms customized for individual needs and preferences.

StudePact / StudyPact, Inc.

Not motivated enough? This language learning platform keeps users engaged. If users fail to achieve their own set goals, they pay a fee, and the studious bunch if reached their goals, get rewarded. They had reported that the user achievement rate reached a whopping 85%.


Shouldbee and Jidouteki (runner-up) were both awarded for their innovative works.




9th Batch Application Now Open

Our Seed Accelerator Program is a short term incubation program designed to help startups grow and maximize their potentials. We handpick teams with advanced skillsets and great business plans, providing co-working space. We also invite industry experts from outside of Japan to provide mentoring sessions for the further growth of those startup businesses.

Interested parties, please apply via our home page.

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OnLabが第8期プログラムのデモデイを開催—テスト自動化のShouldBee、企業向けSaaS環境のJidotekiが入賞 #on_lab