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9th Batch Demo Day!
— Best Team Award Recipient:
Japanese Tea E-Commerce Startup Yunomi —

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at the DG Headquarters in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Open Network Lab held our bi-annual Demo Day for teams from the 9th Batch of our Seed Accelerator Program.

The 9th Batch teams (6 teams in total, 1 of which is operating in stealth mode and did not participate in this Demo Day) gave impassioned pitches an the audience of VCs and business leaders, below:


Best Team Award Recipient — Yunomi / KK Matcha Latte Media

Yunomi is an online marketplace for Japanese tea, marketed specifically towards non-Japanese, global consumers. Yunomi has created a platform that bridges the language barrier between global consumers and Japanese tea farmers, and is taking on the 9 trillion yen global tea industry with their high quality, low cost Japanese tea.
Please see Yunomi’s Demo Day pitch at the above link (edited for length):

Best Growth Award Recipient — TABEENA / KK Tabeena


TABEENA is a smartphone application that providers users with an easy and fun way to log pictures they’ve taken while on a trip or vacation. Using these pictures and associated metadata, TABEENA becomes a guidebook for its user community. Through the 3 month Seed Accelerator Program, the TABEENA product experienced the most growth of its peers, and the team was awarded the Best Growth Award for this batch.



Mobingi provides a web application that makes it possible to deploy, configure and monitor a cloud environment for a server infrastructure or hosting applications with only a few clicks. With Mobingi, users can forget about dedicating resources to troublesome infrastructure environment set up procedures and can focus on what’s important.

untickle / KK untickle


untickle is a social network focused on helping users discover useful treatment options for atopy (atopic syndrome) across a wide range of symptoms and areas of affliction. Through creating a database of actual atopy sufferers and their syndromes and treatments, untickle allows sufferers of atopy to find the treatments that works for them.

Kabotip / KABOTIP, CORP.


Kabotip is a platform for posting, browsing and searching all types of content. The Kabotip platform allows users to “tip” contents they like with cryptocurrency, supporting creators.

Demo Day Results

It was very difficult to choose the best from the many great services created throughout this 9th Batch. In the end, the Japanese Tea E-Commerce site Yunomi and travel photo log / guidebook app TABEENA were chosen as award recipients.


Open Network Lab is currently accepting applications for the 10th Batch of our Seed Accelerator Program, a 3 month, intensive process to help startups looking to succeed on the global stage.

The Seed Accelerator Program accepts applications from entrepreneurs around the world who are looking to grow their business globally. In this 3 month program, we provide hands on help through the Open Network Lab staff and Digital Garage’s global network of mentors to help teams build and grow their businesses. We are looking for experienced engineers and entrepreneurs with a highly technical product and / or great business plan to join Open Network Lab and make use of our office space, mentorship network and other facilities to grow their business.

For those interested in applying, please do so through our home page.

We look forward to your application!

Please see below for press coverage of the 9th Batch Demo Day.

Japanese tea marketplace Yunomi wins Open Network Lab’s latest Demo Day in Tokyo
(in English)

THE STARTUP – ONL9期DemoDay、優勝はお茶のEC「YUNOMI」(in Japanese)