Application form for Seed Accelerator Program 20th batch is now open

Application deadline: Noon on 2019/11/22 (Fri)

20th batch will begin in early Jan 2020. Please note that your applications take up to two weeks to be processed, your result will be delivered to you then. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Participation Requirements
  • If research results, patents or other intellectual property rights are to be used in participants’ business, the participants need to have the rights to use them in their business and shall not infringe the rights of any third party.
  • Participants need to have skills to produce prototypes or achieve a certain level of business progress during the Open Network Lab “Seed Accelerator” program (the “Program”) which runs approximately three (3) months and demonstrate the results.
  • If the participating team has had a third party invest in it, participants need to have obtained prior consent from such investor to participate in the Program.
  • Participants’ business shall not violate public order or morality.
  • Participants, the members of the team, their relatives or their stakeholders shall not be a part of anti-social forces. They shall not have any relationship with anti-social forces.
  • Participants must go along with DG’s request which ask you to submit required documents for selection purpose.
  • Participants of nationality other than that of Japan need to be legally qualified to stay in Japan during the Program.
  • Participants under the age of twenty (20) need to have acquired the consent of their parent(s) or their legal guardian(s).
Terms of participation
  • Participants shall attend events relating to the Program held by Digital Garage, Inc. (“Digital Garage”) during the Program period.
  • If participants don’t have a corporation at the time of application, participants shall incorporate a corporation after participating in the Program.
  • Participants agree that their activities may be posted on the websites or other media managed by Digital Garage or any of its group companies.
  • Participants shall concentrate on the business that they have undertaken to conduct in the application process during the Program.
  • Participants shall not discuss possible business alliances or receiving investments during the Program period with a third party without the prior consent of Digital Garage.
  • Participants agree that their corporation shall allocate its shares to Digital Garage or its affiliated companies (if it is incorporated afterwards, it shall do so after incorporation).
  • In addition, participants shall comply with other obligations including those regarding the application procedures. In addition, participants shall agree to the terms and conditions of participation to be separately designated by Digital Garage.
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Participants agree that information provided in the application process including personal information (the “Personal Information”) shall be shared to (1) Digital Garage and (2) sponsors of the Program and other relevant parties.Digital Garage shall not provide the Personal Information to any third party other than those listed in the preceding paragraph without the prior approval of the participant.Purpose of use

  • Screening and communication related to screening;
  • Office/seminar/mentoring arrangements for the Program operations;
  • Sending e-mail newsletters to those who are interested; and
  • For supporting and providing other necessary services.
  • *EU applications will be collected, used, and managed in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

    *For further information, please read “Handling Personal Information” for details.