Application form for Seed Accelerator Program 18th batch is now open

Application deadline: Noon on 2018/11/22(Thu)

18th batch will begin in early January 2019
Please note that your applications take up to two weeks to be processed, your result will be delivered to you then.
We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Terms of participation
  • We do not have a preferred nationality, age, or gender.
    ※You must be able to legally stay in Japan during the program.
    ※If you are a minor, you must receive permission from your guardian.
  • Team members and their respective families or related personnel have no involvement or relationship to any anti-social forces which include, but not limited to, organized crime groups and its members, or any person who is involved in or an advocate of similarly organized criminal activities.
  • If an unincorporated team or individual wishes to receive funding, the company will need to be incorporated during the program.
Participation Requirements
  • Must have the skills to develop and demonstrate a prototype or full product during the three month Program period.
  • If you are already incorporated, the main business must be related to that for which the company applied to the Open Network Lab program. Other businesses must not be engaged in during the duration of the program.
  • Representative must attend the program. Participant will attend any event or engage in any content provided during the program as much as possible.
  • Must be able to follow other guidelines and requirements in relation to participation.
  • Business details may not be contrary to established standards that maintain public order and morals

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Company/Service Information

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*Please name file as follows. 'your service name_yyyymmdd.pdf'

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Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided by the you shall only be used during the screening process of this program, such as to make contact regarding the results of your acceptance.