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Seed Accelerator Program

Our Seed Accelerator Program is designed specifically for highly skilled, ambitious entrepreneurs that we carefully select to undergo a three month, intensive incubation program. The Program teaches cutting-edge insights gained from Silicon Valley regarding domains such as Data-Driven Development, Lean UX, Agile Development, and Business Practices.

Seed Accelerator Program Application

Grow your startup with the support of our Seed Accelerator Program. We provide seed stage funding , office space and related facilities, and deep mentoring from some of the most respected entrepreneurs and investors from Japan and abroad to each of the hand-picked ambitious and highly-skilled teams that join our program. For successful graduates, we organize a Demo Day where you have the opportunity to pitch your business to a group of domestic and international investors and serial entrepreneurs.

Program Features

Seed Accelerator Program teams enjoy the following support from Open Network Lab during the term of the Program.


We provide funding for your daily expenses, and give you a chance to pitch your idea to a group of domestic and international investors at a Demo Day at the close of the Program.


A group of hand-picked, experienced experts from Japan and abroad will guide your startup as you develop your business. You will be exposed to cutting-edge insights straight from Silicon Valley.


Set up shop at any of our co-working spaces in Daikanyama, Kamakura, or San Francisco. Increase your network by working closely with other entrepreneurs at these hubs of innovation.

Post-Program Acceptance Funding

Upon acceptance to the Seed Accelerator Program, we provide immediate seed funding.
You may use these funds as you wish. Typically, entrepreneurs use these funds for their first marketing campaign, hire new employees, or to support their server or hosting costs.

Cutting Edge Insights Straight from Silicon Valley

We bring the brightest experts from both Japan and abroad to provide bleeding edge insights to our Program teams through mentoring sessions focused on developing, improving and strengthening your product and business.


Being data driven means studying data gained from your service redesigning your management, business and service appropriately. The best way to understand your users, your market and your product is to have a sever approach to data analysis. Improving your service and your business decisions through knowing the who, what, when, where and how of your users can be gained from a detailed study of your data. Questions such as “which features do users value, and which are just extra?” and “from which source does my traffic flow?” are rooted in the data, and our mentors help you discover the answers.

Lean UX

Lean UX is a way of approaching product development when uncertainty is high. Show customers your minimum viable product, receive valuable feedback, and provide users with the best experience possible. Our mentors provide advice on how to best structure the most appropriate UX / UI for your customers.

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development is a tenet of the product development cycle espoused by the Lean Startup methodology. Use data collected from customer feedback to improve the next release of your product with speed. Our mentors advise you on the proper framework necessary to manage your product development agilely.


Understanding whether you’re really addressing your customers’ problems: nothing is more important in business today. Understand if you’re focusing on problems that your users really want solved through focused feedback from customers, and build this into the next iteration of your product. Our mentors show you how to construct and conduct effective user feedback sessions.

Partnerships and Special Offers from Selected Services

Open Network Lab offers special discounts and plans for various services that startups often use to better focus on developing and growing their products. We encourage Onlab teams to use our Partnered Programs ranging from infrastructure, analytics, recruiting, to HR management (services will be added and removed on an as-need basis).

  • AWS
  • mobingi
  • ShouldBee
  • SideCI
  • Qiita:team
  • Repro
  • mixpanel
  • Prott
  • WOVN
  • CallConnect
  • freee
  • SmartHR
  • Toreru
  • Gemstone
  • Justa
  • Careerbaito
  • AMBI
  • Stripe
  • econtext
  • veritrans
  • Innoventure

Incubation Center

Seed Accelerator Program teams enjoy the benefit of being able to use the Open Network Space co-working areas in Daikanyama and Kamakura free of charge for one year, as well as our DG717 space in San Francisco for a discounted price. More than simple co-working areas, these areas are incubation centers focused on personal development, where the knowledge of fostering entrepreneurship at Open Network Lab is applied.
Our goal is for startups to use the Open Network Space to build great businesses, products, and communities.

  • Open Network Space DAIKANYAMAOpen Network Space
  • Open Network Space KAMAKURAOpen Network Space
  • DG717 San FranciscoDG717
    San Francisco

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