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Resi-Tech 2nd Batch〜Technology for Better Life〜

2nd Batch Program Overview

2nd Batch Summary

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech (Onlab Resi-Tech) is a global accelerator program designed for real estate-related startups that brings major Japanese real estate and construction companies together to work across corporate boundaries to create new values that will be essential in the coming era. We conducted a call for applications to discover promising startups from around the world. The themes included lifestyle proposals that respond to the new normal, safe and secure living, services that improve the quality of people’s lives, the use of advanced technology, and the use of DX and data in the real estate business. The program was carried out by making the full advantages of online, enabling communication between domestic and overseas startups to overcome time and distance constraints. We have been collaborating with startups with the goals of “support from technology verification to service development,” “support for Japanese localization and market introduction support to our partner companies,” and “co-creation of new services with our partner companies.”


Applications from 171 Startups from over 40 Countries

We have received applications from domestic startups with business ideas related to the new normal, such as workcations, digital twins, and virtual offices, as well as from overseas startups that offer ideas related to indoor and outdoor air quality improvement, digital twins, indoor positioning, and construction.

Full Commitment to Results, along with Partner Companies

During the program, we have encouraged participation not only from those who are responsible for new business development at each partner company but also from on-site personnel according to the content of each project. To maximize our results and support the success of startup businesses, we have provided regular online meetings and interview opportunities with end-users. We also have shared on-site issues that occur during the actual operation of the commercial facilities, offices, hotels, and so on, owned by partner companies. Furthermore, we have offered multifaceted support by leveraging the Digital Garage group’s accumulated know-how in startup support.

Achievements that Only Onlab Resi-Tech Can Make

Onlab Resi-Tech is Japan’s first consortium-type program that creates partnerships between companies in the real-estate/construction industry. Proof of concept (PoC) is conducted simultaneously with multiple industry-leading partners, which enables us to receive multifaceted feedback from each partner on multiple technologies and services at the same time. For startups involved in areas related to day-to-day life, this offers a chance to seize opportunities to grow even when resources are limited. Instead of simply matching startups with partners, Digital Garage also helped co-create services by offering hands-on PoC support.


5 Domestic and 2 Overseas Companies to Implement Collaborative Projects with Our Partner Companies


Forming a Consortium of Industry-leading Partner Companies


  • コスモスイニシア
  • 東急グループ
  • 東京建物
  • JR西日本
  • 野村不動産ホールディングス
  • 阪急阪神不動産
  • 三井不動産

DGLab Partners

  • KDDI
  • 大和証券グループ
  • TIS INTEC Group
  • りそな銀行
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