Application-Related Questions

When does the application period for the next Seed Accelerator Program begin?
Two batches are held during the year (Winter and Summer). The application for the Winter Program begins during October, and the application for the Summer Program begins during April. We review every application in the order in which they are submitted.
There are no engineers on my team; can I still apply?
We will gladly accept applications of all candidates regardless of the structure of your team. However, it is expected that your product is developed and released during the duration of the program; therefore, precedence goes to teams with engineers.
I am the only member in the team; can I still apply?
Yes, however we expect you to develop and release your product by the end of the program.
I am a minor or a student; can I still apply?
Yes, however in the case of minors, we require parental or legal guardian consent.
Can I submit applications documents in English?
Please submit applications either English or Japanese.
I can’t speak Japanese; can I still apply?
You may apply as long as you speak English.
It looks like some of the Open Network Lab mentors are from overseas, but I can’t speak English.
No worries! Open Network Lab staff will translate as necessary.
Are teams with multiple services eligible to apply for the program?
Yes, however due to the limited time we can provide each team during the interview process, it will be necessary to talk about each service within a fixed amount of time. Therefore, the time to promote and appeal each service will be shortened.
Can I still participate in Onlab even if I raised seed money?
We welcome all companies, whether or not they have raised money.
Is there a limit to the number of times I can apply?
We highly encourage startups who have been rejected during the application process to iterate their idea and apply again.

About the Interview Process

Will the interview be conducted in Japanese?
We can interview in either Japanese or English.
Is it required for all team members to be present during the interview?
No, any number of team members may participate provided that they are able to describe the service and answer any questions that may be asked.
Can my team members participate in the interview?
Yes, however we ask that each team limits participants to three members.
Should I prepare hard copy handouts during the interview?
Hard copy handouts are not necessary.
How many interviewers will there be?
There will be anywhere from two to three interviewers.
Can I bring a Windows computer or tablet to present?
Yes, as long as the device is able to present.
Can we receive feedback on the application results?
Due to the large quantity of applications, we do not give out feedback on application results.
Should I follow the format of the template slide for my presentation?
Yes, we ask that teams try to follow this format. You do not need to send in your slides if you have updated them prior to the interview.

Program-Related Questions

Does the office space include a lodging area?
Unfortunately, our space does not include a lodging area.
What is the fee to join the program?
The program is free of cost.
Do I have to be incorporated to join the program?
Incorporation is not necessary prior to the program; however, we require all teams to incorporate during the middle of program.
Can I participate in other programs at the same time?
We ask that teams refrain from joining multiple programs so they don’t mix up priorities and tasks.

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