Zenport (12th Batch) Announces Capital Raise


2017.7.10 Zenport Inc., a graduate from the 12th Batch of Open Network Lab’s Seed Accelerator Program, has announced that it has raised a fundraising round from investors including Gree Ventures and Genesia Ventures. At the same time the company has announced the beta launch of its service Zenport.

Zenport provides cloud software for import/export and freight forwarding tasks. Traders will be able to lower operational costs by being able to manage ordering, transportation, and storage information in one dashboard.

With this investment, Zenport hopes to acquire new customers to quickly capture the market.

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Actcat (5th Batch) Announces 210M JPY Capital Raise

Actcat Website Image

2017.4.4 Actcat, Inc., a graduate from the 5th batch of Open Network Lab’s Seed Accelerator Program, has announced that it has raised a 210 million JPY funding round from investors including SBI Investment, Mizuho Capital, SMBC Venture Capital, KLab Venture Partners, and Colopl Next.

With this investment, Actcat hopes to quickly expand globally. The company already has clients in Japan, US, and Vietnam with its service SideCI.

Actcat operates SideCI, a automated code review service for software engineers.

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