Open Network Lab Resi-Tech Application Form

Now accepting applications for Onlab Resi-Tech

*Please understand that we cannot answer any questions about the selection results.

Handling of Personal Information
  • The Applicant shall agree that the information provided to Digital Garage in the application process including personal information (the “Personal Information”) shall be shared with (1) Digital Garage Group, (2) sponsors of the Program and other relevant parties.
  • Digital Garage shall not provide the Personal Information to any third party other than those listed in the preceding paragraph without the prior approval of the Applicant.
  • Purpose of use
    1. Screening and communication related to such screening;
    2. Office/seminar/event arrangements for the Program operations;
    3. Sending newsletters by e-mail to those who are interested; and
    4. Providing other necessary services and support to the Applicant.

*For further information, please refer to “Handling Personal Information”.
*The Personal Information of the Applicant applying from the region of the Europe Union shall be collected, used, and managed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation as in force in 2016.

  • Please answer each question as concisely as possible.
  • Please note that the Applicant shall not provide highly confidential information, including but not limited to source code and technical information essential for the Applicant’s business, as application information to the Program and that the Applicant shall not disclose such highly confidential information during the period from application and screening to the end of the Program unless requested by Digital Garage and agreed between Digital Garage and the Applicant.
  • Please note that any inquiries regarding the screening process are not to be made.
  • Please note that all costs relating to application shall be borne by the Applicant.

*fields are required.

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