Seed Accelerator ProgramApplication Form

Now accepting applications for Onlab Resi-Tech Seed Accelerator Program

Application deadline: Noon on 2019/1/31 (Thu)

The program will begin in early April 2019.
Since we are conducting selections in order of entry, please understand that it may take time to let you know the results.

*Please understand that we cannot answer any questions about the selection results.

Terms of participation
  • Team members and their respective families or related personnel have no involvement or relationship to any anti-social forces which include, but not limited to, organized crime groups and its members, or any person who is involved in or an advocate of similarly organized criminal activities.
  • If research results, patents or other intellectual property rights will be used, the applicant must have the rights to use them in their business, or they must obtain these rights during the course of the program and shall not infringe the rights of any third party.
  • Must have skills to produce prototypes or achieve a certain level of business progress during the program (approximately 3 months) and demonstrate results.
  • If an unincorporated team or individual wishes to receive funding, the company will need to be incorporated during the program.

We do not have a preferred nationality, age, or gender.
*You must be able to legally stay in Japan during the program.
*If you are a minor, you must receive permission from your guardian.

Participation Requirements
  • The company representative must attend the program.
  • During the program, your team must actively participate in events organized by Open Network Lab Resi-Tech.
  • Your team’s activities may be posted on Open Network Lab Resi-Tech’s official website and on the various media sources managed by Digital Garage.
  • Business details may not be contrary to established standards that maintain public order and morals
  • During the program, if you are considering a business alliance with or receive investments from a third party, the information must be shared in advance with Digital Garage to enable appropriate support under the program. If Digital Garage deems necessary, you must discuss the matter with Digital Garage.
  • Must be able to follow other guidelines and requirements in relations to participation.
Handling of Personal Information and Applications

Applications, including personal information, will be provided to (1) Digital Garage, (2) Open Network Lab Resi-Tech sponsors and other relevant parties, and (3) if commercialized through Open Network Lab Resi-Tech, to the extent required for the implementation of the project.The Personal Information provided shall not be provided to any third party other than those listed in the preceding paragraph without the prior approval of the applicant. Digital Garage will use the personal information provided for the purpose of these listed below.

  • For contacting during screening and other related-processes.
  • Office/seminar/mentoring arrangements for program operation.
  • Distribution of e-mail magazines for the purpose of providing information to those who are interested.

*For details, please refer to “Handling Personal Information”. The personal information provided shall not be provided to any third party other than those listed in the preceding paragraph without the prior approval of the applicant.


Company/Service information

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If you’ve already launched, please indicate your KPI/traction


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*Please name file as follows. 'your service name_yyyymmdd.pdf'

About your team

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Personal information of customers who have personally registered for Open Network Lab services shall be used in order to provide necessary service and support.

Please refer to “Handling Personal Information