Onlab ESG Callinfo for sustainable startups to solve ESG issues.

Onlab ESG will support sustainable business growth for startups that address a variety of issues that contribute to ESG/SDGs

If you have the following consultation, please apply from this form.

・Investment from ESG (Earthshot) Fund
・PR marketing and other support through Digital Garage
・Collaboration between startups and major companies regarding initiatives to ESG.
・Consultation about your product
・Consultation about your business plan

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Handling of Personal Information and application information

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Purpose of use

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*For further information, please read B.6 and B.7 “Handling Personal Information” of DG and A.1 and A.2 “Handling Personal Information” of D2 Garage, Inc. for details.

DG shall not provide the Personal Information to any third parties other than DG, sponsors of the Program and other relevant parties.

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